Vetnai, Odisha – A trip to Vetnai will make you feel that you are on an African Safari


Vetnai or Bhetnai a small nondescript village is located in the Ganjam district of Orissa. Numerous male and female Black Bucks are found here wandering at the slopes of the mountain range of Eastern Ghats. A trip to Vetnai will make you feel that you are on an African Safari. This place is ideal for the forest lovers to explore the real charm of forest safari.

Places to see at Vetnai: Vetnai is known for its 1600 Black Bucks, which roam freely on an area of 40 sq. km. Near the sanctuary is the undulated landscape of the bluish mounds, which is a beautiful sight you must enjoy.

Nearby attractions at Vetnai: Chilika Lake is a popular tourist destination that every traveller visiting Vetnai generally goes to see. Another spot is Monglajori Bird Sanctuary, where you can view Whistling-duck, Asian Openbill, Purple Swamphen, Grey-headed Lapwing and Cotton Pygmy-goose and numerous other local and migratory birds.

Blackbuck Things to do at Bhetnai: The major thing to be done in Bhetnai is sightseeing and watching the Black bucks playing around in open valleys and grasslands. You can also visit the nearby Monglajori Bird Sanctuary to view rare birds some beautiful butterflies. A trip to the Chilka Lake, to enjoy its serene beauty and playful dolphins can also be on your cards. Watch it all yourself as well as capture every moment in your camera. You can also try the popular Oriya sweet ‘Chana Poda,’ which is baked yogurt.

Best time to visit Bhetnai: The ideal time to visit Bhetnai is during the winter season.

How to go ?

Bhetnai can be reached from both Berhampore, which is 50 km and from Balugaon, which is 75 km from the destination. However, you should choose the route through Balugaon if you want to visit Monglajori first and then Bhetnai. However, if you travel by rail, then you have to come via Berhampore that has a railway station. From Berhampore there are regular bus services that can take you to Aska as well as Bhetnai.


Where to stay?

Although Vetnai doesn’t have accommodation facilities for its tourists, good hotels are available in Balugaon. Even many comfort and budget hotels are available in the nearby town of Berhampore. Dining facilities come attached with the hotels of Balugaon and Berhampore.

Some options are:

Narayani Lodge: 6756 -20521/20212
Patro Lodge:  6756 220308

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.


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