Susunia Hills

Susunia Hills, South Bengal – Spend some time of your own in complete seclusion


Tired of cacophony and hectic schedule of urban life then pack your bags to visit Susunia hills this weekend to spend some time of your own in complete seclusion. This quaint destination is still not much explored by the tourists and hence the natural beauty of the place is pure and unspoiled. It is located just in the middle of Bankura and is about 1500 feet high. There is a believe that Raja Chandra Varma had once built his fort on this hill. Adorned with adequate natural beauty in the form of cascading waterfalls, plenty of greenery and river Gandheshwari flowing down the hill, gives the place a complete picturesque look.

Susunia perches at the northwestern part of Bankura district. This weekend destination will greet you with its exotic natural beauty, rich flora, beautiful holy spring and the rock faces on which the eminent mountaineers of the regions commenced their journey. The Susunia hillock are the rich reserves of medicinal plants.

Places to see at Susunia: A stone edict that belongs to the period of Raja Chandra Varma is the main attraction of Susunia Hills. It is believed that Susunia hills once had the fort of the Raja. Moreover, the Gandheswari River flowing down the hill is another great place to watch out for. The mighty Susunia hill boasting a height of about 1500 feet is a wonderful site of historical inscriptions, by Raja Chandravama. The hill is also a renowned archeological site, yielding Stone Age tools. Susunia Hill is also a noteworthy site for tourists, who visit the destination to see “Dhara” (Natural Spring) & Silislipi.

The twin-villages of Hadal-Narayanpur, nestling on the banks of the Bodai River, are renowned for the Mandal family terracotta temples, including Barataraf, Mejotaraf and the Chhototaraf. At the entrance of the Barataraf temple, there is a big Rasmancha. The other two temples of Mejotaraf and Chhototaraf are beautifully studded with wonderful terracotta panels, which include a brilliant representation of Vishnu in the Anantashayan posture. You can also visit the other notable temples of Bankura, while touring Susunia, which include Gokul Chand Temple, Saileswar Temple, Temple of Radha Damodar Jew, Temple of Ratneswar and Temple of Shyam Sunder.

Nearby attractions at Susunia: The other major tourist attractions of Bankura District like the terracotta temples of Bishnupur and the Kansabati Dam at Mukutmanipur can be visited from Susunia. Biharinath Hills, which lies on the north of Saltora Block is also nearby. Biharinath is tallest hill in the Bankura district and a popular site of tourism. Another notable nearby sightseeing destination is Jhilimili, located 70 km away from BankuraTown. The place offers spectacular sight of forest. The famous historical site called Betur is also situated here.

Things to do at Susunia: Apart from enjoying the serenity of Susunia, you can indulge in trekking or rock climbing. Susunia village is famous for beautiful stone carving and you can buy them at affordable prices. There are two villages in the vicinity of Susunia, Netkamla and Bindhyajam, which are home of Dhokra craftsmen. Again, Bankura is famous for artistically designed terracotta items, which are readily available all across the district and worth buying. The famous Bankura horse has now become a symbol of Indian handicrafts. Besides buying, also indulge in eating the special sweets of Bankura, like the famous mecha sandesh or the pera. If possible, you can also taste Mahua, the popular local drink of the region.

Best time to visit Susunia: You can visit the place throughout the year.

How to go ?

Board a Purulia bound train from Howrah and get down at Chatna. From there, Shushunia is only 9km. Apart from this, you can also board Susunia bound buses from Bankura, Kharagpur and Durgapur.


Where to stay ?

There are government accommodation and other private guest houses available there. Few options are:

Aranyak Guest House: 03242-234201
Radhakrishna Lodge: 9474630192

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.


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