Rampur, Himachal Pradesh – This small town with its prehistoric heritage is famous for the Lavi fair, the biggest fair in North India


One of the biggest commercial centres of Himachal Pradesh, Rampur is located at a distance of 135 km from Shimla. It was once the capital of the princely State of Bushahar. Rampur lies on the bank of river Sutlej. The town was once a major center on the old trade route to Kinnaur, Tibet, Ladakh and China. Lavi Fair, which is supposed to be one of the biggest fairs of North India, is the main attraction of Rampur. This fair is held every year during the second week of November. The fair is quite popular among the people in Shimla and is held for three days. The fair is abuzz with life and activities as it is a major crowd puller. The fair is commercial in nature as tradesmen and craftsmen come from all over Shimla to buy, sell and exchange articles like dry fruits, shawls, blankets, crop produce, handicraft items, fruits, etc. Some people even trade in livestock like sheep, goats, cows and horses.

Places to see at Rampur: At Rampur, you can go for sight seeing to places like:

Rampur Town (924m) 

This historic town is an abode of many sight-seeing places. Its old Hindu and Buddhist shrines include the Ragunath Temple, the Ayodhya Temple, the Narsingh Temple and the Dumgir Budh Temple which has a large prayer wheel and holds important scriptures. With an interesting colonial and traditional style, the Padam Palace is one of Rampur’s major attractions.

Dutt Nagar (970m)

This ancient village on the left bank of Sutlej is named from the ancient temple of god Dattreya.

Nirath (950m)

18 km, famous for ancient and unique Sun Temple built in nagara style is one of the two temples in India dedicated to Lord Suryanarayan.

Nearby attractions from Rampur: Being a getaway spot itself, Rampur also has nearby attractions apart from the sight seeing spots. These include:

Chanshal pass

Chanshal pass is located at Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. Also known as Chanshal valley, Chanshal Pass links Dodra Kwar and Rohru (Chirgaon). The Pass rests on the Chanshal Peak , the highest peak in the Shimla district. Chanshal pass open from May to October and it is covered with snow for the rest of the year. Chanshal pass  is beautiful as one get views of hills covered with snow. It is a very good place to hang out if one enjoy adventures and ready to invest time in travelling to see the beauty.


Khadrala is a small hill station just few km from Rampur. It is an awesome place to stay if you are going on a vacation to Shimla. Beautiful amenities and surroundings make it a heaven.

Things to do in Rampur: It is among the best shopping hubs of Himachal Pradesh and one can get just about any exotic item over here. You can pick up handicraft items like wooden carvings and clay sculptures. The most popular items are the handspun woolen shawls and rugs that are warm even in the coldest weather.

Best time to visit Rampur: March to June and September to November is the ideal time to visit Rampur.

How to go ?

Daily one bus leave for Rampur from Manali. You can also hire private cars from Manali or Kullu to reach Rampur.


Where to stay ?

Rampur has plenty of accommodation options. Some are:

The Bushehar Regency (HPTDC) : +91-01782 – 234103
The Little Chef: +91-01782-233944  Website: www.thelittlecheframpur.com
Hotel River Rock: +91-94180-33251 Website: www.hotelriverrock.com

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.