Okhrey, Sikkim – One of the most sought after trekking trails of Sikkim


One of the upcoming destinations in Sikkim, Okhrey is a little and not so famous village falling on the way to Varsey. It is one of the most sought – after trekking trails of Sikkim. It is the most popular base for the Varsey Rhododendron trek. You can either stay overnight at Okhrey or start your journey to Hilley around 10 km away by car the next morning. Park your car at Hilley and start your 4 km long trek to Varsey from Hilley. If you start your journey from Okhrey towards Hilley, you will find a small natural lake on your way offering some breathtaking views of Mt.Kanchenjungha and endless stretches of Rhododendrons. The breathtaking natural beauty of Okhrey and its surroundings, the calm and quite atmosphere will amaze you, where you can find your peace of mind.

okhreyPlaces to see at Okhrey: Okhrey is famous for being the base for the famous Hilley – Varsey Rhododendron trek. Hilley, which is the checkpost for the 4 km long trek to Varsey is just 10 kms from Okhrey by car. While travelling to Hilley from Okhrey, you would enjoy the view of the magnificent Kanchenjungha range. If you climb up the slope of the hill, you can spot a serene village called Latitar. Another popular tourist attraction of the place is the Ugen Thon Meon Ling monastery, which is visited by travelers passing through this way. The monastery is operated by the Tibetan missionaries and features a small school.

You will also enjoy a walk to the Ribdi from the village of Okhrey, located on the border of West Bengal. You can also explore further down along the forests of Rumbum and Coorkey to Rimbik. Trekking along the trail from Okhrey that leads to Phalut via Gurdung is also quite exciting.

Nearby attractions around Okrey: You can make a trip to Hilley, located 10 km. from Okhrey, which marks the beginning of the Hilley – Varsey Rhododendron trek. There is a beautiful Sai Temple in Daramdin just 28 kms away. Other nearby attractions of Okrey are the view point Jureli Dara around 18 kms away, the Anden Olong Monastery (20 kms away), Kitan Falls, Dodak Helipad, Butterfly Shape Valley and numerous other view points. You can visit most of these destinations while travelling from Somabaria to Okhrey – they would fall on the way. Other attractions that you cover in a sightseeing trip of Okhrey are Devi Falls, Gathang alls, the EPC church (one of the oldest churches of Sikkim) and a LepchaMuseum.

okhreyThings to do at Okhrey: Trekking is the favourite activity of the tourists visiting Ohkrey. The towering mountains on the northern part of Okhrey also beckon the adventurous tourists to enjoy a rambling walk along the winding mountainous paths. Most tourists travel to Hilley by car from Okhrey (10 kms) and start the 4 kms long Hilley – Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary trek. The sanctuary offers excellent views of Kanchenjungha and endless stretches of Rhododendrons in their array of red, pink and white colours. Birdwatching is another great activity to be enjoyed from Okhrey.

Best time to visit Okhrey: Okhrey can be visited throughout the year. You can enjoy magnificent views of Kanchenjungha in October to January. To see Rhododendrons in full bloom, you should visit Okhrey from mid of March to mid of April every year. Birdwatching can be enjoyed throughout the year.

How to go ?

Okhrey is located at a distance of 130 km. from the New Jalpaiguri station. A number of trains halt at the New Jalpaiguri station. Regular jeep services are available from Jorethang. It takes about an hour to reach the destination. The route from New Jalpaiguri is Teesta Bazar – Jorethang – Sombaria – Okhrey.


Where to stay ?

Okhrey has not many accommodation facilities. One option is:
The Varsey Retreat: +919800398309

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.

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