Meen Dwip, South Bengal – A picturesque river island is located off the coast of Haldia


Meen Dwip at Nayachar, a picturesque river island is located off the coast of Haldia. Nayachar may seem to be a mere muddy island at a first glance on the Haldi riverbed. It extends over an area of 40 sq. km. After the exploration of this serene island, you will find the nature’s wonder here. The place has immense natural beauty. Enjoy the spectacular view of the River Haldi here that bounds the island and truly offers visual pleasure. The mobile networks are not available here which might cause some inconvenience to the tourists. But the true travel lovers like you would love to get a day or two off from the tension of the city life amidst such exotic natural splendour.

Places to see at Meen Dwip: The picturesque island of  Meen Dwip is dependent entirely on fishing and fisheries. Sunset over the Haldi River and its estuary (Mohona), endless green fields to soothe your eyes, huge bheris (fishing ponds) and the Haldi River are few things you would love to see in Meen Dwip

Nearby attractions of Meen Dwip: The town of Haldia is admired by a number of nearby tourist attractions, which you can visit on your way to Meen Dweep or while returning from this River Island. Some of the destinations of Haldia, which you love to visit from Meen Dwip are Kukrahati, Moynagarh, Tamluk Rajbari, Gopalijew Temple, Muktidham temple, Haldia Dock and Balughata River Side Sunset Point.  Destinations on the other side of Haldia like Raichak and Daimond Harbour can also be visited from Meen Dwip.

Things to do at Meen Dwip: Carry with you some outdoor sports equipment like badminton, which you will truly enjoy playing amidst such scenic natural surrounding. You can explore the island whole day and also have picnic on the banks of Haldi River.  Enjoy a steamer ride or hire a country boat to sail through Haldi River, enjoying the cool and refreshing breeze.

Best time to visit Meen Dwip: You can visit the place any time of the year.

How to go ?

Nestled in the riverbank of Haldi at Nayachar, this quaint island of Meen Dwip is connected with Haldia by Ferry Service. In order to reach the destination, firstly, you need to travel to Raichak either by train or by car or bus. After reaching Raichak, you need to avail the ferry service for Kukrahati, which is the gateway to the port city of Haldia. Haldia Municipality operates ferry services at a regular interval of 30 minutes and it takes around 15 minutes to reach Kukrahati. From Kukrahati, take a cycle van for Patikhali and then again enjoy a ferry service on the river Haldi to Meen Dwip at Nayachar. You can also drive to Haldia (around 150 kms away) directly from Kolkata and then catch a ferry to Kukrahati.


Where to stay ?

There is only one guest house at Meen Dwip managed by Fisheries Department offering decent accommodation and dining facilities. Relish some fresh shrimps and varieties of fish preparation at the local eateries. For booking details you may contact:

“Tourism Centre” 
3/2.B.B.D Bag (East), 1st Floor, Kolkata – 700 001,
Mobile:- 98310-33181

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.


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