Machranga Dweep

Machranga Dweep, South Bengal – A lonely island is an ideal location for a fun-filled day trip


Situated between the Ichamati River and Bhasa River Machranga Dwip or Kingfisher Island has Bangladesh on its one side and India on the other. This lonely island is covered by trees and is considered an ideal for a fun-filled day trip. You can reach Machranga Dwip from Hasnabad or Taki by hiring a local boat. This island is ideal for the nature lovers. Walk over the green fields and in the distance you can see the villages of Bangladesh. The spectacular view of the setting sun over River Ichamati is a feast for the eyes from the Machranga Dwip.

Places to see at Machranga Dwip: It is a small island in the middle of Ichchamati River from where you can have a spectacular view of the setting sun over the river. The island is nice for a nature walk over the green fields and in the distance you can the villages of Bangladesh.

Nearby attractions of Machranga Dwip: Taki, which is another popular day trip destination, is just 20 mins from Machranga Dweep. Hasnabad is also nearby.

Things to do at Machranga Dwip: You can arrange a picnic, take a boat ride or have a swim on the river. Exploring the island  is another great way to have fun.

How to go ?

From Kolkata, you need to reach Hasnabad, by means of bus from Dharmatala or train from Sealdah. You can even travel by car for your convenience. The distance between Kolkata and Hasnabad is 75 km. After reaching Hasnabad, you need to avail the option of vans to reach the ferry dock, from where motor boats should be availed in order to reach Machranga Dwip. You can also reach  Machranga Dwip by hiring a boat from Taki’s ferry ghat.


Where to stay ?

Accommodation facilities like guest houses are available in nearby Taki. Dining facilities are usually provided by the guest houses.


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