Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh – Resting at an altitude of 2758 m, this spectacular hamlet is a piece of heaven on the earth


Located in the lap of  the snowy Kinnaur Kailash peak, Kalpa is a dreamland. This nature’s wonderland rests at an altitude of 2758 m and is 110 km from Sarahan. Kalpa is the main village of Kinnaur dotted with ancient villages having tribals cultures. Here you will find a blend of natural beauty with snow capped mountains and profuse greenery. Previously the place was named as Chini. The majestic mountains of the Kinner Kailash range stands face to face with the river. The spectacular sights of the sunrise in the morning will enthral your heart, when the golden rays of the sun touches the white snowy mountain peak, forming the natural crimson colour. This sight will cast a magic spell on you leaving a long lasting impact.

Places to see at Kalpa: The scenic location of Kalpa is adorned with a number of sight seeing destinations. These include:

Recong Peo

Only 13 km from Kalpa, the Recong Peo is the head quarter of district Kinnaur resting at an altitude of 2670m. The mountain of Kinner Kailash is well known for being one of the mythical homes of Lord Shiva. Here you will find a 79 feet high rock formation resembling Sivalinga. The Sivalinga changes its colour in accordance with the position of the sun during the different hours of the day. From here, the peak of Raldang (5499 m) is also visible.


Kothi is a religious destination having a temple dedicated to the goddess Chanadika Devi. The place is 3 km from Recong Peo.  With the mountains and graves of the deodar forming the background, this temple is adorned with an uncommon architectural style together and intricately carved sculpture. A magnificent gold image of goddess decorates the sanctum of the temple.


Riba is a beautiful place situated at a height of 2745M famous for the vineyards and the local wine ‘Angoori’ is manufactured from the grapes.


This is the starting point of the famous Kinner Kailash Parikarama Trek. The trek route also touches the Morang, Thangi and Kunocharang villages and enters the Chitkul village in Sangla Valley.


The local name of the place is Spuwa. This village Puh is admired with the lush green fields, apricot, almond and also grape orchards. It is just 58 km from Powari along the NH-22. The place offers Puh rest house and basic hotel facilities for the tourists.

Nearby attractions around Kalpa: Moorang is located above the left bank of river Satluj, just few km away from the Tirang sangam and is 39 kms from Kalpa. This beautiful village can be approached from the narrow path within the apricot orchard. The valley is encompassed by the lofty mountains on all sides. Only the western part of the valley is open to the Satluj, on the bank of which stands an old fort believed to be constructed by Pandavas. Having a square structure resting upon a knoll it overlooks the Satluj. The main gate of the fort is approached by a detached ladder. The roof is flat. The name of the local deity is Urming and there are three structures dedicated to the deity each existing in Thwaring, Garmang and Shilling. The ark of the deity however remains inside the fort making these structures empty. On a holy day this ark is taken to the above mentioned places. The ark has got 18 ‘mukh’, made of silver, gold and brass. The 18 mukh represents the 18 days of the great Kurukshetra war of the epic Mahabharat.

Things to do in Kalpa: Kalpa offers a lot of activities for its visitors. If you are an adventure enthusiast then go for trekking and rock climbing. Also enjoy the river rafting, angling, jeep safaris here. You may also organize the fun filled picnics here. If doing nothing just lie down upon the soft green grasses and gaze at the charming natural beauty. Don’t miss to carry the excellent quality Chilgozas and Kinnauri Shawls. Try to organize your trip during the months of September and October to be a part of the great Phulech Festival celebrated with the colourful flower garlands and great enthusiasm.

Best time to visit Kalpa: June to August offers pleasant climate and is the best time to visit Kalpa.

How to go ?

By Air

Shimla’s Jubbar Bhatti airport is the closest at 260 kms. From here there is a 10 hour journey by road to Kalpa either by private taxi or bus. You may halt at Sangla, located at a distance of 50 km before reaching Kalpa. Sangla is dotted with some really beautiful sight seeing spots.

By Rail

Shimla is the closet railhead at 240 kms. Take a bus or hire a taxi to make the arduous but very picturesque drive up to Kalpa. You may halt at Sangla, located at a distance of 50 km before reaching Kalpa.

By Road

From Shimla, taxis or jeeps can be hired and a bus service is available for Rekong Peo, 14 km from Kalpa, a journey of about 11 hours. If driving in from Delhi, it’s convenient to break journey at Shimla or Narkanda.


Where to stay ?

Kalpa is dotted with plenty of accommodation facilities. Some options are:

Hotel Rolling Rang: +91-098166-86789, 094180-92894, 098161-85518, 094596-14014  Website: www.hotelinkalpa.com
Hotel Apple  Pie: +91-8860688496, 8894579727  Website: www.hotelapplepie.com
Hotel “The Grand Shangri-La” : +91-01786-226134  Website: www.thegrandshangrila.com
The Kinner Kailash (HPTDC): +91-01786 – 226159

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.