Hogenakkal Water Falls, Tamil Nadu – It is located at the intersection of rivers Cauveri & Chinnar


The name Hogenakkal is derived from Kannada. It means smoky rocks. This place is popular for the Hogenakkal Water Falls. When the water falls on the rocks it appears as if hoge (smoke) is emanating from the top of the kal (rock) because of the force of the water, hence Hogenakkal. Situated on the Melgiri hill, Hogenakkal water fall is formed by the intersection of the two rivers of Cauveri and Chinnar. The setting of the descent of the Cauveri at Hogenakkal is panoramic. Surrounded by hills at various heights, Hogenakkal offers the visitors a different ambience and is a refreshing place to relax.

Places to see at Hogenakkal: The Hogenakkal Waterfall is the main highlight of the place. This waterfall is often called the Niagara Falls of India. Waterfalls here fall from a height of 60 to 1000 ft.

Nearby attractions around Hogenakkal: You can make a trip to places like:


Theerthamalai, a popular pilgrim centre 16 km from Dharmapuri is an interesting place that you can visit Hogenakkal. Theerthamalai is an important Sacred place.The temple situated about one k.m up the steep slope of a hillock derives its name from the five springs in the temple. Lord Theerthagireeswar (Lord Shiva) is the worshipping deity.


Just 15 km from Hogenakkal, Pennagaram is a village with lush fields of mulberry. On the outskirts of the rural settlements en route are their fascinating guardian deities, often referred to as Iyanars. Made of terracotta or plastered brick, these giant figures are brightly colored and generally depict fearsome and mustachioed warriors. As the scrub-covered slopes give way to thickets of thorny vegetation and then, almost imperceptibly, when tall trees began to rise, the air reverberates, with the soft roar of running water becoming more and more assertive as one reaches lower and lower.

Things to do in Hogenakkal: A boat ride here is a thrilling activity and a good way to get a slice of adventure. It is a spectacular experience. One can also take bath in the falls. The forest department maintains a mini zoo and a crocodile park here which is worth a visit.

Best time to visit Hogenakkal: Hogenakkal can be visited through the year.

How to go ?

It is better to reach Hogenakkal by train, though it does not have any railway station. Coimbatore Jn (CBE), Salem Jn (SA), Erode Jn (ED), Bangalore Cy Jn (SBC) and Mysore Jn (MYS) are 5 nearby train stations connected to Chennai. From there you can reach Hogenakkal by hired cars or bus that will take you to the village boundaries.


Where to stay ?

Hogenakkal has of few accommodation options, for example:

Hotel Tamil Nadu (TTDC) : +91-04342 – 256447
Hotel Adhiyamaan Palace: +91-04342 – 270007

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