Giridih, Jharkhand – A very old and pristine small town


Giridih is a very old and pristine small town that is located in the central part of Jharkhand and attracts lots of visitors. This place is mostly favoured by the tourist of West Bengal. There are several age-old temples, meandering rivers and quaint tribal villages in Giridih. This place is one of the most popular Jain pilgrimages. Those having adventurous bend of mind may visit the place to Giridih - Parasnath Hillenjoy the opportunities like rock-climbing, kayaking, para sailing and boating. The beautiful Lake of Khandoli is inhabited by many migratory birds. Near to it is the Parasnath Hill – the highest hill in Jharkhand from where you can savour the marvellous views of the rock strewn plateaus and lush jungles. Emboldened by hills and hillocks, Giridi would surely make you fall under its charming spell.

Places to see at Giridih: Giridih is  admired for a number of exotic locations which is a delight to explore. You can visit the village of Madhuban, housing a famous temple of 200 years old, the Samosharan temple, Bhomiyajisthan and a Jain Museum. You can savour a clear sight of Parasnath Temple from the balcony of the museum using a telescope. You should also make a visit to Baidadih for its large well whose water contains vital minerals having medicinal values. A huge fair is geld here during the celebration of Lakshmi Puja. Visit the quaint village of Dalgando, known for hosting a huge fair during Shivaratri.

Nearby attractions of Giridih: The majestic view of the towering Parasnath Hill, the highest hill in Jharkhand, boasting an altitude of 4480 feet truly offers a visual splendor. The Parasnath Temple is considered one of the most sacred destinations of the Jains. A trip to Harihar Dham located around 60 km South-west of Giridih is worth visiting as the temple houses the largest Shiva Linga across India. Amidst the ranges of the famous Parasnath Hills, the Ushri River streams down from a steep gorge. The spot is located about 14 km from east of the Giridih town. Around 8 km Northeast of Giridih headquarters there is the Khandoli water reservoir, which is one of the best sites for bird watching and water related adventures. The place features a hillock of 600 feet and a watch tower, offering a pleasant view of Khandoli site. The Langta Baba Samadhi Sthal is another notable nearby location, where chadars are offered to the Samadhi of Langta Baba by pilgrims seeking his blessings. While returning from Langta Baba Samadhi, stop at the Surya Temple mirzaganj, which is a nice temple built in the pattern of a lotus flower, nestled in the middle of a lake. You can also make a trip to Deoghar, a notable pilgrimage centre, located 112 km from Girdih.

Things to do at Giridih: Make a trip to Khandoli to enjoy some water related sport activities. The camel and elephant safari is truly enjoyable there. You can also try rock-climbing, kayaking, parasailing and boating at the location. The place is also a heaven for avid bird watchers. Explore the jungle near the Parasnath temple and you can also trek the Christian hill. Visit the Beniadih coal mines and enjoy a trek from Bengabaad to Pachamba through the forests. The site of the Ushri Fall is an ideal location for picnic.

Best time to visit Giridih: You can visit Giridih any time of the year. It has pleasant climate throughout the year.

How to go ?

Madhupur located 294 km from Kolkata has a branch line to Giridih. There is a single passenger train running five times a day through this line and it takes about an hour to reach Giridih. Parasnath railway station is located 48 km from Giridih. You can also avail regular buses connecting Giridih, Dhanbad, Munger, Koderma, Bhagalpur and other places. Dumri on Grand Trunk Road is around 45 km from Giridih.


Where to stay?

You will find a number of budget hotels as well as comfort hotels at Giridih, equipped with all kinds of modern amenities. The hotels provide decent dining facilities and you would also find some local eateries at the place offering meals at affordable rate. Some options are:

Hotel Ashok International: 6532-250700, 9204856846
Hotel Manosarovar: 6532-227516, 8084802492
Swagat Hotel: 6532-226207

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.


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