Geonkhali, South Bengal – Spend an idle weekend on a riverside


Spend an idle weekend on a riverside watching the boats pass before you where the queue of people waits for hours to catch the ferry and the spectacular sunset over Rupnarayan then you must drop at Geonkhali, where time seems to stop for a while. The distance of Geonkhali from Kolkata is 130km. The place is nestled at the confluence of River Rupnarayan, River Damodar and River Ganges. Here the rivers become extremely wide and appear like the sea thus making a breath-taking view. A green wilderness of babala, sirish, akashmoni and mango trees flanks the river front. The country boats from the ferry ghat will take you to Gadiara or nearby Nurpur. Located in the Mahisadal Block of East Midnapore district, Geonkhali has developed primarily due to the establishments of water treatment tanks. It supplies fresh water to Haldia, since water over there is saline.

Places to see at Geonkhali: Geonkhali is a riverside village and the beauty of the sea-like river is Geonkhali’s main attraction. Other than the rivers, you can visit the nearby Mahisadal palace and nearby Kolaghat. The Radha Krishna temple in Mahisadal is another nice place to pay a visit.

Nearby attractions around Geonkhali: You can visit Gadiara, nestled on the other side of the river. Diesel powered boats are available to cross the river in around 15 minutes. From Geonkhali you can also catch a boat to visit Nurpur. Haldia is also nearby – it takes around an hour from Geonkhali.

GeonkhaliThings to do at Geonkhali: Geonkhali is simply an amazing place to move around. You can drive down by the road or take a leisurely stroll by the riverside. The confluence of the three mightiest rivers of Bengal gives it the appearance of a sea at Geonkhali. The good thing about this place is that it is still not crowded, which offers an ample scope for savouring the natural beauty of the region in isolation. You can also check out the remnants of launches and steamers by the riverside. There is a ferry ghat from where you can enjoy boat rides to nearby destinations and there is a small park and lake near the water treatment plant where you can enjoy boating too.

Best time to visit Geonkhali: You can visit the place any time of the year.

How to go ?

You can catch bus from Esplanade to Nurpur, located nearby Geokhali. The distance is about 52 km. Then you need to take a launch from Nurpur to reach Geonkhali. You can also visit Gadiara and catch a ferry to cross over to Geonkhali. The most convenient rail station to Geonkhali is Bagnan from where you can catch Auto Rickshaws to Gadiara. From Gadiara you can catch a ferry to cross the river for Geonkhali. Alternatively, if you want to go by car then reach for Kolaghat and take the NH 41 heading towards Haldia. Soon, you would reach the Nandakumar crossing from where you can take the road towards Mahisadal and then to Geonkhali.


Where to stay ?

Geonkhali Resort is a nice retreat in this fishing village, offering decent accommodation facilities overlooking the river. The resort has AC deluxe, non AC standard, non AC economic and four bedded rooms. The resort also offers impressive conference facility. It has spacious lawns. The riverside cafeteria is also known for serving delectable cuisines. For booking details you may contact:

Triveni sangam tourist complex:  +91-(03224)255929 / 255930

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.


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