Chikhaldhara, Maharashtra – A truly peaceful and eternally beautiful hill station


Featured in the epic, the Mahabharata, this is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka in a herculean bout and then threw him into the valley.  It thus came to be known as Keechakadara—Chikhaldara is the new name. Chikhaldara, a truly serene and spectacular hill-station located in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra. It is situated at an altitude of 1118 m and is the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. The valleys here are full of velvety mist and beautiful lakes. The charm of the natural greenery creates an enchanting effect. It is also the home to the Indian tigers and the Sloth Bears.

Places to see at Chikhaldara: Chikhaldara offers a number of tourist attractions. These includes:

Bhim Kund (Kichakdara)

It is a mythologically important place for pilgrims. Bhima killed Kichaka and threw his body in the valley called ‘Kichakdara’ and bathed in the nearby lake, which is then renowned as Bhim-Kund. This place is situated in south near Alladhoh village on the way from pratwada to chikhaldara via motha. Bhim-Kund is nearly 3500 ft. deep. It offers fascinating view of the waterfall and cascades during rainy season.

Gawilgarh Fort

Gawilgrah is located on a Chikhaldara Platau and established in the 12th century by a Gawali King a descendent of yadavas of devgiri. However this fort built in mud was Forty Fide by the bahamani being Ahmad Shah Wali. The fort under wrote further underwent fortification around 1471. The forte stand on a lofty mountain consists of an inner fort, the Fatheh Darwaza, Kichakdara Darwaza and  Delhi Darwaza. The Delhi Darwaza consists of three gateways. The outer most gateways has a symbol with a pam tree with on a both either side tiger holding in its close and mouse five elighants. The Gawilgarh Fort is regarded as superior fort in strength and tallest and to be master of Gawilgarh men of ministry of Berar.

Narnala Fort

Narnala Fort was built scientifically considering natural interference like rain winded. Narnala alias shahanur fort consists of three small forts namely Zafrabad. Narnala  and Teliagarh. This is historically very famous fort which is covered by the deep and dense forest of the hills of Satpuda i.e. at the hilly side of the Melghat.

Hariken (Hurricane) Point

It is situated on the southern region of the upper plateau of Chikhaldara near government garden. From here we can see the Gawilgarh fort, Mozari village, Vairat hills and the huge area under the hills side.

Prospects Point and Thakur Point

On the way of ‘Pandhari Village’ a school comes on your way named ‘Deepshikha Military School’. There is a two way in this school one is for Prospects points and one is for Thakur points. On the Thakur point there is a large view of Semadhoh deep forest.

Monkey Point

The deep valley becomes visible from this point. The base of this valley is not seen in naked eyes. There is no railing on this point.

Bir Lake

This Lake was built under British government rule in Dec 1890. The lake is built in basalt. It is used for soldiers in the British government and hence known as Bir Lake. The water was initially used for Chikhaldara town. It also has an old garden but it is not well maintained.

Sunset Point

The point is situated on the Vairat hills at Vairat. It was King Vairat’s capital in the Mahabharata era. Sunset is spectacular here. From here Chikhaldara lies in the east and on west lies the numerous hill ranges befitting the name Satpuda’s.


There are two museums at Chikhaldara area, one of them is at Maharashtra Forest Rainger’s College, Chikhaldara. The sample of wild animals and plants are available to see here. One of the rare ‘fossils’ is also available. Another museum is of Tiger Project, for that we have to go through the way which is turning from ‘Yoga Training Center’. The sample of animals and plants are also put in this museum. Apart from this the information for the leaving standard and customs of local main tribe is ‘Korku’.

Government Garden

The upper plateau area of Chikhaldara is with full of dense trees, and locality of living people is negligible. The government garden is at upper plateau. The garden is open for visitors from morning 8.00am to evening 7.00pm. The garden was previously called the ‘Company Garden’ as it was constructed by the British. Many years ago, Gawali people had their on this garden area. But they migrated to the western side. This side is called ‘Pandhari Village’. Varied flowers and plants are available in this garden. The swimming tank facility is also provided by the ‘Hanuman Vyam Prasarak Mandal’. The special area of this garden is saved for rose tree. Many rare plants of the cooler region is also available. The mini train is the special attraction of this garden.

Nearby attractions of Chikhaldara: Semadoh is  the starting point of Wild-life safari in the Melghat Tiger Reserve. It is located at a distance of 26 km from Chikhaldara on the pristine Banks of Sipna River. Thus an excursion to Melaghat Tiger Reserve is thus ideal from Chikhaldara.

Things to do at Chikaldara: The main attraction here is wildlife; therefore, the wildlife sanctuaries are worth a visit. Seeing the animals in their natural habitant is a thrilling experience here. Night Safari is also a good option for wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy.

Best time to visit Chikaldara: The best time to visit Chikhaldara is between October and April. During these months the climate remains pleasant.

How to go ?

By Air

The nearest airport is at Akola, located about 150 km away. The airport is well connected by flights to Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and other cities. Nagpur, located about 250 km away, is also a good option. From the airport, one can get taxis to reach Chikhaldara.

By Train

The nearest major rail head is at Badnera, about 110 km away. Trains from Pune, Akola, Kolhapur, Jodhpur and Mumbai halt at the station. One can hire taxi or board state-run buses to reach Chikhaldara.

By Road

Chikhaldara is well connected by road. One can take state-run or private buses from Nagpur, Amravati, Akola, Wardha and other cities to reach Chikhaldara.


Where to stay ?

 Chikhaldara provides with some beautiful and comfortable resorts and hotels. Some options are:

Green Vallies Resort:  +91-7220 – 230215 , 230218, 9404105369  Website:
Hotel Harshawardhan: 09405978170, 08390424272  Website:
Satpura Retreat : +91-7220-230471, 230507  Website:

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.