Beharampur, South Bengal – The historic sightseeing spots makes it an ideal weekend destination


The city of Beharampur is 201 km to the north of Kolkata, and is located on the eastern side of Bhagirathi River. The name Beharampur originates from the word ‘Brahmapur’, and it was once predominantly occupied by Brahmin families. Beharampur is the administrative headquarters of the Murshidabad. During the Golden Age of Bengal, Beharampur (Beharampur) was a thriving cosmopolitan city with a vibrant colonial presence. The city was also the first Head Quarter of the East India Company. With time several other European colonial forces also moved here, including the Dutch, French and Portuguese. A strong presence of Nawabs and Sultans are also quite prominently found in the city. The historic sightseeing spots around Beharampur, makes it an ideal weekend destination.

Places to visit around Beharampur: Being the erstwhile stomping grounds of Bengal’s former colonial powers, Beharampur is steeped in a rich cultural and historic tapestry. Even today, spectacular architectural remnants of colonial buildings and tenements that were built during the Raj era continue to stand tall amidst the city skyline. Some of the notable places to visit around Beharampur are – Hazarduari Palace, Katra Masjid, Barrack Square, British Town Hall, Nizamat Imambara, old British Barracks, British Administrative houses, Central Jail, Krishnath College, British Town Hall, Saidabad Palace, Old Cossimbazar Palace, New Cossimbazar Palace, Nashipur Palace, Home of Jagat Seth, Jafarganj Cemetery, Kathgola Palace, Fauti Masjid, Namak Haram Deorhi, Khushbagh, Pataleshwar Temple of Cossimbazar, Residency Cemetery of Babulbona, Dutch graveyard of Cossimbazar, Old English Graveyard of Cossimbazar, Residency Cemetery of Babulbona, Dutch graveyard of Cossimbazar, Old English Graveyard of Cossimbazar, Cemetery of Burmese King Thibo, Laldighi Park and Motijhil Park.

Nearby attractions of Beharampur: The region in and around Beharampur is teeming with a surfeit of tourist attractions, some of which were mentioned previously. The famous Hazar Duari located in Lal Bagh is approximately 30 km from the city. The road leading to this historical site is dotted with several other remnants of buildings built by the Nawabs of Bengal. These include the Palace of Cossim bazar, Katra Masjid, Motijhil and Imambara. Karna Suvarna, the erstwhile capital of West Bengal is also located in close proximity to the city. The Jain Temples of Jiaganj are also very popular attractions around Beharampur.

Things to do at Beharampur: One of the popular things to do while in Beharampur is to attend its many festivals. These occasions are celebrated with a lot of pomp and pelf. The festivals are a riot of colour and sounds and play an integral role in fostering communal harmony in the area. Durga Puja, which is celebrated zealously throughout West Bengal is also one of Beharampur’s most anticipated festivals. Charak Puja is another such occasion that induces the locals into a spirit of revelry and excitement. It commemorates the passing of the year, whilst ushering a new prosperous one for the celebrants.

You can also take a boat ride from Beharampur to Murshidabad over the Bhagarati River (Ganges). Special rides during the Full moon can be life time experience to remember.

Best time to visit Beharampur: Winter is possibly the best season to visit Beharampur as the temperatures remain pleasant and conducive for a holiday. The best months to see the place are between October and April. On the other hand, visiting during the summer should be avoided as it gets incredibly warm and humid during this time.

How to go ?

By Rail – Beharampur is well connected by road and rail to Kolkata and its neighbouring cities and towns. There are three railway stations in the vicinity; They are at Beharampur Court Station, Cossimbazar Station and Murshidabad Station. These stations can be accessed via the Sealdah Lalgola line. The trains that operate daily between Kolkata and Beharampur include the Sealdah Lalgola Bhagirathi Express, Lalgola Fast Passenger and the Hazarduari Express. There is a tri-weekly express train by the name of Dhanadhanye Express, which also takes the Sealdah-Lalgola route. Additionally, Khagraghat station can also resorted to with a number of trains including Kamrup Express, Teesta torsha express and the Intercity Express that take this route.

By Road – The city of Beharampur enjoys excellent connectivity by road as well. It is also well connected to National Highway 34. Visitors can avail of daily bus services from North and South Bengal. In fact, the city is a converging point for buses arriving from Asansol, Bhutan, New Jalpaiguri, Durgapur, Malda, Siliguri and many other cities and towns.


Where to stay ?

Visitors to Beharampur can  avail several types of accommodation options ranging from budget and medium to deluxe. Few options are:

Hotel Sagnik: 09434021911, 03482-270051, 03482-271492
The Fame Hotel: 03482-259304, 03482-260229, 8001968788/8348709997.

You may also stay at WBTDC TOURIST LODGE. For booking  please see the details given below:

Tourism Centre (Kolkata)
3/2, B.B.D. Bag (East), Kolkata – 700 001
Phone : 033-2243 6440/ 2248 8271

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.


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