Barmer, Rajasthan – The land of rich architectural grandeur


Barmer is a centre of folk architecture and handicrafts. Located at a distance of 153 km from Jaisalmer, Barmer was previously known as Mallinath. The name of Barmer became famous after 18th century with the frequent use by the British. The place is famous for the wood carving, carpet making, embroidery and block printing. Barmer is beautiful and livelihood place and an attractive tourist destination.

Places to see in Barmer: Being the seat of architecture and handicrafts the place has some exclusive tourist spots.

Barmer Fort

The tourist attractions in Barmer are the Barmer Fort. Actually the Barmer town sits atop a rocky hill, where one can find the ruins of the old Barmer Fort scattered all over.

Balark Temple

The Balark Temple, dedicated to Balark (the Sun God) and the ancient ruins of Juna Barmer are other interesting tourist attractions in Barmer.There are three Jain temples, an inscription of 1295 AD and a massive pillar in the hall of the largest temple of Maharaja Kula Sri Samanta Sinha Deva, a ruler of Barmer, which are worth visiting.


Just 35 km from Barmer is a group of five temples in Solanki architectural style at village Kiradu.Once the capital of Punwars, Kiradu was previously named as Kiratkoop, that is revealed by the inscription of the 1161 AD. The ruins of five ancient temples-one dedicated to Lord Vishnu and other four dedicated to Lord Shiva are of major interest to archaeologists and art lovers, alike. The SomeshwaraTemple with a multi-tier spire is the most impressive.

Nearby attractions from Barmer: From Barmer you can make excursions to places like:


A historical town has an old Vishnu Temple of Ranchhriji, bounded by a crumbling wall, and an image of Garuda (the eagle) at the gate attends the complex. Other temple attractions of Khed include Brahma, Bhairav, Mahadev and a Jain temple.


Once a principal state of Mallani, the ancient ancient village of Jasol has a Jain temple and a Hindu temple, both of which are worth visiting. Meva Nagar on the slope of a hill called Nagar-Ki-Bhakarian has three Jain temples, the biggest of these is the one dedicated to Nakoda Parsvanath.

Things to do at Barmer: Barmer is the shopper’s paradise. This place is famous for the vibrantly coloured embroideries with excellent mirror work. Also famous are beautifully embroidered fabrics and pouches often patterned with tiny mirrors. Traditional rugs, blankets, shawls, carpets, “Pattius” Dari in typical Barmer colours and weave are speciality of the district. The shopping spots include the tiny shops along the narrow lanes of the colourful and lively Sadar Bazar. Don’t forget to bag this antique items as these products are worth a keeping. Various fairs like Tilwara Cattle Fair (March – April), Nakoda Parasvanath (December – January), Veeratara Mela, Khed Fair (August – September), Mallinath Fair taking place in Barmer also a tourist attraction.

Best time to visit Barmer: The best season to visit Barmer is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for visiting the monuments and other places of interest in Barmer.

How to go ?

By Air:

The nearest Domestic Airport is Jodhpur Airport, roughly three and half hour drive from Barmer. The nearest International Airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad, roughly 375 Kms from Barmer. The Airport is well connected with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune and Ahmedabad and is also connected with Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madras and Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

By Road

Barmer is 68 Kms from Sindari, 87 Kms from Tilwara, 159 Kms from Jaisalmer, 207 Kms from Jodhpur, 239 Kms from Palanpur, 355 Kms from Udaipur, and is connected through Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) and some private travel services.

By Train

Barmer has its own Railway Station named as Barmer Railway Station which is connected by numerator conjecture rail to the major city of the state and other cities like Jalore, Jaipur, Agra, Munawa in Pakistan, Delhi, Kalka, Haridwar and Guwahati through Ghy Bme Bkn Express, Dli Jsm Express, Hw Bme Link Express and Klk Bme Express.


Where to stay ?

At Barmer there are various accommodation options suitable to budget. Some are:

Hotel Khartal (RTDC): +91-02982-6450-7178
Hotel Krishna: +91-09783305054 Website:
Hotel New KK & Restaurant: +91-02982-221087/221088 Website:

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.