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Rajnagar – Land of terracotta temples

[AdSense-A] In the land of terracotta temples Rajnagar holds a pleasant surprise. This quaint little town is home to the mosque that boasts of terracotta embellishments which can give competition to some of the best temple art in Bengal. According to some historians, Rajnagar, near the Bengal-Jharkhand border, was the oldest capital of Hindu rulers […]

Rajbalhat – Erstwhile capital of the Bhursut kingdom

[AdSense-A] In the 16th century, Rajbalhat was the bustling capital of the Bhursut kingdom, which was spread across the present Howrah and Hooghly districts. Five centuries later, it is an undistinguished town in Hooghly’s Jangipara, known locally for its fascinating terracotta temples. The 16th-century temple housing the idol of Devi Rajballavi, after whom Rajbalhat is […]

Sripur – Century-old temples adorned with wood carvings

[AdSense-A] Century-old temples adorned with wood carvings and boat-making workshops, which are just as old, make Sripur a wonderful destination for a day trip. Europeans, who had made Bengal their trade and administrative hub in their colonial pursuits, realized that they would need an indigenous ship-building industry. Taking advantage of the increasing river trade by […]

Barsuan Valley on the Jharkhand-Odisha border

[AdSense-A] Want to experience the beauty of hills, forests, rivers and waterfalls on a single weekend? Then BarsuanValley on the Jharkhand-Odisha border is  an ideal place The almost-five-hour train journey from Rourkela to the Barsuan mines, through the hills and the Saranda forest, provides the glimpses of the beauty. The leaves of teak and other […]

Jhallong .. solitude amid hills

[AdSense-A] This summer, Jhallong can be a perfect destination for those who want to explore nature up close and seek solitude amid hills, forest and river. This township near the India-Bhutan border is some 105km from Siliguri. After reaching New Jalpaiguri station via train from Calcutta, a car can be hired to reach the destination. […]

Lepchajagat – Picturesque and green

[AdSense-A] Willing to take a trip to the north Bengal mountains but not amid the crowd of tourists in Darjeeling? Then Lepchajagat is an ideal destination. Lepchajagat i.e. the land of the Lepchas is picturesque and green and offers one of the best views of the Kanchenjunga. The weather gods willing, the breathtaking snow-capped peak […]

Kotalpur – Land of terracotta temple

[AdSense-A] Bengal is the land of terracotta temples. The better known ones are in Bishnupur, Aatpur, Bansberia, Guptipara and Kalna. The hundreds of other terracotta temples, spread across villages in south Bengal, also have much to offer to visitors. The Rajrajeshwar temple at Kotalpur in Jangipara block of Hooghly is an excellent example. The temple […]

Deulghata – A wonderful place to explore

[AdSense-A] Around 18km from Purulia town, on the banks of the Kangsabati river, stands Deulghata, a wonderful place to explore on a spring weekend. The settlement owes its name to its deul-styled temples, inspired by Jainism that once had a firm foothold in the region. In 1870, British engineer John Beglar conducted a survey of the […]

Banda – Near Raghunathpur in Purulia

[AdSense-A] A solitary abandoned temple steeped in history towers over the village called Banda near Raghunathpur in Purulia. An incomplete masterpiece, the temple of Banda is worth a visit, especially for those interested in the history of Bengal. As no inscription stone or plaque has been found outside the temple, it is almost impossible to […]