Alibag, Maharashtra – A historical place, an ideal holiday destination with picturesque beaches near Mumbai


An idyllic town, Alibag lies on the western coast of India, known as the Konkan region. It lies on almost the same latitude as the southern tip of Mumbai and very close to the tip across the narrow strip of the Arabian Sea. Alibag, a lovely beach that remains unspoiled till now. It is a 300 years old city. Shivaji’s admiral Kanoji Angre, made it the capital. It is also a home to Jewish Synagogue and cemetery, the only place in the konkan to have a Portugese and a Maratha sea fort on opposite banks of the same inland waterway. Thus it is best known for its historic marine forts, fine beaches and clean water. This stunning beautiful town is just 145 kms away from Pune and 30km to the south of Mumbai. It is well known for its mesmerizing calm weather and dense coconut groves.

Places to see in Alibag: Alibagh has various sight seeing destinations which includes:

Khanderi Fort

The Khanderi Fort is 3-4 km into the sea from Thal beach and was built in the year 1678.  A lighthouse was constructed later on. The Fort stands on a small island.

Alibag Beach

Alibag Beach is the main beach of the town. The beach has the blackest sand of the region. The beach is very lively with bathers in the morning and many food stalls in the evening. AlibagBeach is tardily but certainly growing into a tourist attraction. Ali Shah Bawa’s mazhar is right in the center of the town and the beach is also named after him so as the beach town. The government has built a good platform for the tourist to enjoy the sea and to take bath with safety. The Alibag Beach is the main beach of the town and the Kolaba fort can be seen from here.

Kolaba Fort

The Kolaba Fort was constructed by Shivaji Maharaj. It is located 2 km inside the sea. Visitors can visit the fort only during low tide.  The fort consists of sweet water well in the middle. There are many temples and fortifications along guns which face the sea. The fort is 300 years old. Carvings of tigers, peacocks, and elephants on the entrance arch can be seen. Near the gate there are shrines of Mahishasura and Padmavathi and other gods along with fort deity. A Ganesha temple was built in front of the sweet water tank in 1759.

Undheri Fort

At a distance of 300 meters from Khanderi is the fort of Undheri which is an island fort. It was built by Siddi Qasam in 1680.

Akshi Beach

The Akshi Beach is a beautiful white sand beach. Plenty of suru trees can be seen along the coast. The water is very clean and it renders safety for swimming. The beach is also a favorite among the birdwatchers and nature lovers. The hamlet of Akshi is just 5 km away from Alibag. The village is full of fishermen and it is not crowded at all. The beach at Akshi is a favourite tourist spot. One could slug around the clear beaches and step inside the warm and unruffled Arabian Sea. It is just a perfect getaway for a weekend.

Brahma Kund

The Brahma Kund is a great work. It is on the hill top. There are two kunds the shiv pool and the Brahma’s pond. Brahma Kund is a rectangular tank which is encircled by steps on all the 4 sides. It is a very beautiful site. The site is excellent for photography. There is a small Maruti Mandir in its vicinity. As one nears the temple one can see a small statue with an encoding ‘Mirchi Baba’. This encoding was done in the year 1612. This pool was created by the water which was collected after Lord Brahma bathed lord Krishna.

Kihim Beach

The Kihim Beach is situated at a distance of 12 km from Alibag. It is a secluded place. The beach is famous for thick cover of coconut trees. The place is also well known for variety of woods which serves as a cover. Nature lovers will be thrilled to visit the place for it provides sight of rare butterflies, birds and flowers. The most attractive part of the Kihim beach is that the place is not entirely discovered and unpolluted. The environment is very attractive. KihimBeach is the best place for day trippers and weekenders as well. An unconventional ‘Tent Holiday’ with all modern facilities attached can be seen at Kihim.

Nagaon beach

Around 7 km away from Alibag is the unique Nagaon beach. It is famous for coconuts and betel nuts. The visitors are attracted by the loving area of the tiding Arabian sea. The area is not only charming but also breathtaking. The place is famous for clean and serene beaches. Beautiful and long stretch of calm water the beach is covered with suru trees. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of water sports including parasailing, banana boat and Jet-Ski rides.

Versoli Beach

Located on the outskirts of Alibag the Versoli Beach is full of tranquillity. The sand on the beach is white and the sea water is clean and clear. The beach is not visited by many tourists. It houses a very large naval base. Varsoli is a tiny satellite village. The vegetation of this hamlet is complete with coconut and Casuarina.

Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple

The Kanakeshwar Devasthan is a very famous Shiva temple. The temple is 13 km from Alibag.The temple is on a 900 feet high hill. To get to the temple one has to climb a flight of 5000 well paved stairs. One forgets the tiredness as soon as one enters the temple premises. This temple premises comprises of various small temples. The Shiva temple is the main temple. The height of the Lord is 54 ft. Behind the temple is the Pushkarna Kund. No one is allowed to access the Kund because of some mishaps in the past.

Kanakeshwar Forest

The Kanakeshwar Forest is a dense forest. Tourists are allowed to venture into the forest at their own risks. The population of the forest comprises of wild boars, poisonous snakes and panthers. They are the right owners of the forest. The silence of the jungle and the hills can be felt in this area. Wild leopards can be seen roaming the forest areas. Even though the KanakeshwarForest is dense, it has a lush green look. But due to its depth, the forest looks dark even during the day time.

Nearby attractions around Alibagh: Alibaugh also has some spectacular distance locations apart from the sight seeing spots. These includes:

Mandwa Beach

Mandwa beach is located about 20 km north of Alibag. The ferry services can be utilized from Mumbai to the Mandawa jetty. Mandwa is a natural port. The place is famous for many Bollywood celebrities bungalows. Mandawa is a beautiful and un trodden beach. When the sky is clear the enchanting view across the bay till the Gateway of India cannot be expressed in words. They are a joy to the mind and a feast to the eyes. The village is charming and it is a beauty of its own. The beautiful groves of coconut palms are very pretty.

Rewas Jetty

Around 23 km away from Alibag is Rewas Jetty. The jetty is famous and important for Mumbai Launch service. Tourists coming to Mumbai use the launch services of the Rewas jetty to travel. Rewas Jetty is 6 km from Kihim. The jetty is a weekend retreat. The rich and the famous have their bungalows along the beach. They also live in the interior of the place. The propinquity to the city is the major asset of the beaches. Tourists crowd along these beaches in large numbers. When one is at the jetty and stands facing the beach Uran can be sighted.

Murud Janjira

One of the strongest marine forts of India, Murud Janjira is just 54 km from Alibagh. Situated on a rock of oval shape near the port town of Murud, is 165kms south of Mumbai. The word ‘Janjira’ is a corruption of the Arabic word Jazira for island. Spread over 22 acres, the fort has 19 bastions which, despite the ravages of time, still stand intact. The fort’s main gate faces Rajapuri and can be seen only when one is quite close to it. It has a small gate which opens to the sea and was used for escape. A small fishing village, Murud is famous for its beaches too. Glittering sandy coastline and the village with beaches hemmed with coconut groves attracts large crowds especially on weekends.

Things to do in Alibagh: Alibagh offers a variety of things to do that include sight seeing to the beautiful temples, beaches, old forts etc. You can enjoy the tonga ride on the beaches or try some mouth watering local snacks available with hawkers. Want to enjoy a quiet beach then make a visit to the VarsoliBeach that lies on the outskirts of Alibag.Don’t miss the scrumptious sea food available in huge variety that includes fresh pomfret, prawns, crabs, Bombay duck and lobsters. You can also buy some nice junk jewellery, bags, antiques etc.

Best Time to Visit Alibagh: The best time to visit is from October to March.

How to go ?

By Air

The closest International Airport is Mumbai. Alibag is 108 km from Mumbai by road, a journey of 3 hours via Navi Mumbai. After getting off at Mumbai, you can hire a private can or avail the bus service (if any) to get to Alibag.

By Rail

Konkan Railway trains from CST Mumbai stop at Pen, 28 km from Alibag, from where you can take a bus, autorickshaw or taxi for Alibag.

By Road

Alibag is 108 km from Mumbai by road, a journey of 3 hours via Navi Mumbai. The quickest way to get there however would be to catch a ferry from Gateway Of India.


Where to stay ?

The place is equipped with a number of beautiful beach resorts. Some options are:

Sai Inn Holiday Resort: +91- 02216- 1639, 2218- 1678, 2216 1666, 6446 6311  Website:
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug: +91-9833 59 1515, 9833 12 9272  Website:
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Hotel Sahyadri:+ 91- 022 2862- 5858, 2862- 5959.

Note : Phone numbers given above are according to the information available with us. If you find any contact number/s given above is/are incorrect or not in use, please let us know.